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ProjectEVOLVE Beta 2.0

Since our soft launch in November 2019, the team have been working not only on completing the rest of the strands but building additional functionality into the toolkit beyond just "managing resources".

We have big plans for the project so please revisit the patch notes page here to get the latest updates on content and new functions.

We are also keen to get feedback on how things are working for you and features you would like to see. Hit the CONTACT link in the footer to tell us what you think. It really helps us!

October 2020 Patches

Since we released the registration mechnanism, in the first 7 days we now have 500 schools registered with 1300 users. It's a great testimony to those of you who have followed and invested trust in us as this tool has developed; for that we thank you.

This month we have:

  • Begun to address the resource gaps for the additional "Education for a Connected World" 2020 statements
  • Fixed some errors in the registration mechanism that sent join requests to our ProjectEVOLVE team rather than organisation admin
  • Built a quick user upload feature on organisation admin page for CSV lists of users
  • Published an "Administrator Cheat Sheet" FAQ
  • Fixed a display error on the Resources page tiling
  • Redesigned icon sets
  • Began work on Planning and Knowledge Map apps
  • Fixed some year group labelling issues
  • Had a huge number of email conversations with users to support registration (Thank you Adelaide!) Great to meet you and share the passion you have.
  • Met with series of interested partners including CAS; BCS; Welsh Government and INSAFE to explore opportunities for the project

September 2020 Patches

Significant changes this month to the functionality of the tool. It is still "in beta" as we continue to develop in its live state. Evolving 🙄

This new build may mean that any resource URLs you have used in planning documents may have changed. You may also initially find some gaps against the new 2020 framework as the team develop resources to fill them.

  • Updated system to include changes to UKCIS 2020 "Education for a Connected World" framework

  • Remapped relevant resources to the new framework statements

  • Added a mandatory registration mechanism for users to access resources to enable planned additional functionality

  • Added new toolkit front end with "greyed out" buttons pending additional features

  • Original toolkit page now accessed through "Find Resources" button on new toolkit page

  • Reorganised the page structure on the site

  • Updated the landing page to include partner logos and a 😎 animation 

  • Added a new partner page

August 2020 Patches

Following strands now complete:

  • Managing Online Information
  • Online Bullying
  • Online Reputation
  • Copyright & Ownership

Partnered with The Diana Award anti-bullying team to develop Online Bullying strand content

Worked with UK Government Intellectual Property Office Team to quality assure Copyright & Ownership content

Developed concept model and toolkit architecture for Phase 4.0 Assessment module

Developed assessment questions for Years 1, 5 & 10 for Assessment pilot in November 2020

Built parallel toolkit and populated with "Education for a Connected World" 2020 statements

Migrated existing content to EFACW 2020 statements

Identified and resourced gaps in additional statements

Built registration mechanism for Phase 4.0 toolkit

Planned release of updated ProjectEVOLVE for October 2020