ProjectEVOLVE beta

It’s been a Herculean task to create all of this new content and we wanted to get this exciting project out to users as soon as possible.

So we have a plan. (A little like building a ✈️as it’s flying)

This first instance of ProjectEVOLVE will have just four of the eight strands resourced, just to get you started.

These are:

  • Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle
  • Managing Online Relationships
  • Privacy and Security
  • Self Image and Identity

The other four strands will follow in the New Year 2020 along with additional functionality.

Please remember, this is the first beta release, so if you find things broken or missing then let us know through our contact form and we'll get on to it right away.

Beta functions

  • Navigate strands and phases (age ranges) through the tabs
  • Theme page currently links to resources connected with that theme
  • Search for resources through the open search box on the toolkit home page
  • Access all resources on the resource tab
  • Filter resources by strand, age and theme in the resource page side-bar
  • PDF tab allows user to choose custom guidance for each resource and print/save custom plans
  • Active news feed on the news page

Planned functions

  • Each theme will have additional information to produce custom briefing sheets for professionals
    • Subject perspective
    • Supporting research
    • Additional external links
    • Further reading
  • Assessment activities for each phase/strand
  • Assessment tracking
  • Reporting
  • AI tracking and pathway suggestions
  • Curriculum newsfeeds
  • Ability to contribute/modify ProjectEVOLVE resources for the wider community

Usde our contact form if you have any questions or suggestions as we develop ProjectEVOLVE.