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Registration & Account Management

Discover how to register, access, and manage your ProjectEVOLVE account.

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We are now requiring ProjectEVOLVE users to register their school to access resources and new functionality. This system gives you control of your own ProjectEVOLVE account.

The first person to register their school becomes account ADMINISTRATOR by default. This means they can add other users/teachers in their school. (You can change this later)

To guide you through we have created our "Administrators' Cheat Sheet" just in case...

How an Administrator Adds Other Users

  • Click on your AVATAR at the top right of your screen and select ACCOUNT to go to your USER dashboard
  • Click on the + symbol on the right to add a new user. (You will need their email address)
  • Enter their details and click on submit
  • They will receive an email and password to access YOUR SCHOOL ProjectEVOLVE account
  • They can change their default password in their USER tab to something more familiar later

Bulk Upload Staff Registrations

We have now included a useful little tool to add all staff users at once through a CSV file. (You can ask your school administrator to export a CSV file from your school admin system).

The uploaded CSV file should have the first column as the full name and the second as their email address. All users will be placed in the standard users group and automatically be sent an activation email.

  • Click on your AVATAR and select your USER dashboard
  • Select the BULK IMPORT icon
  • Select CHOOSE FILE and browse to where your CSV file is saved
  • Select BULK IMPORT

This saves so much time and you can go back into your dashboard and assign roles afterwards if you want.

Register Now

Plesase note:

If you registering as a user or administrator at more than one school, you may get an error message saying your email is already registered. We are working on a fix so in the meantime drop us a line and we'll get it sorted.