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  • Age Restrictions

    Age Restrictions

    How systems are developed to regulate and advise on age appropriate access to services and content

  • Using and Sharing Content

    How creative credit and copyright influences and regulates how content is shared, managed and re-used

  • Disinformation, Misinformation and Hoaxes

    Disinformation, Misinformation and Hoaxes

    How online environments propagate various forms of misinformation and how to make critical judgements to establish trustworthy content

  • Bullying


    Identifying and understanding bullying behaviours and developing strategies to manage issues manage

  • Online Fraud

    Online Fraud

    Understanding forms of online fraud, its legal impact and how to develop strategies for protection

  • Passwords


    Developing secure strategies to access and protect personal online content

  • Protecting Personal Data

    Protecting Personal Data

    Legal requirements and good-practice affecting the safe and proper use, storage and transfer of personal data

  • Persuasive design

    Persuasive design

    How technology design influences and drives our engagement with services and devices

  • Privacy


    The concept of privacy and developing strategies to manage privacy in online social spaces

  • Targeted Content

    Targeted Content

    How commercial, political and social content actively targets users and developing strategies to manage those feeds

  • Online Abuse

    Online Abuse

    Identifying and classifying different forms of online abuse and developing strategies to manage and report issues

  • Online Challenges

    Online Challenges

    Identifying media-driven online harmful challenges (eg Blue Whale) and developing protocols to communicate risk and protect children

  • Inciting Hatred or Violence

    Inciting Hatred or Violence

    Identifying and understanding hate speech, how the Law relates to online hate and developing practice to manage and report issues

  • Fake Profiles

    Fake Profiles

    How online identity can be changed both negatively and positively, its impact on privacy and online relationships

  • Grooming


    Identifying grooming behaviours; how to protect children and report illegal issues

  • Consent


    Understanding consent in a digital world & strategies for managing issues

  • Online Sexual Content

    Online Sexual Content

    The impact of online sexual content (eg pornography) on behaviours and attitudes to healthy relationships

  • Communicating Safely

    Communicating Safely

    How to use online technology and services to communicate in a way that is both empowering and free from harm

  • Body Image

    Body Image

    The impact of media on self image and identity

  • Managing Use & Screentime

    Managing Use & Screentime

    Strategies to manage healthy and empowering technology use

  • Online Disinhibition

    Online Disinhibition

    How online technologies affect behaviour and impact on physical social protocols

  • Harmful Behaviours

    Harmful Behaviours

    How online technology can influence, inform and sustain harmful behaviours (eg suicide, self-harm, eating disorder)

  • Sexting


    Identifying and understanding the creation and use of personal sexual images and developing education and protocols to support children, young people and families

  • Rights and Responsibilities

    Rights and Responsibilities

    How ethics and legislation govern online behaviour and the promotion and protection of personal rights

  • Getting help & reporting

    Getting help & reporting

    How to report issues faced online through a variety of routes and to find the most effective help

  • Safer Searching

    Safer Searching

    How to accurately find the information you need and developing strategies for increasingly sophisticated searches

  • Gaming


    Developing gaming behaviours that are empowering and free from harm

  • Law


    How UK Law regulates and governs the use of online technology and how it relates to other legal standards across the world